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The Quiet Americans, 2007

laser etching and photo transfer on carry-on luggage, paperback novel, USB key. Edition of 6.

Commissioned by Art Metropole, Toronto. A carry-on luggage etched with suggestive excerpts from two text sources: The Quiet American by Graham Greene, a spy novel about U.S. naïveté in Vietnam, and the 2006 Council of Europe report on extraordinary rendition networks, an EU judiciary report looking into secret CIA flights transporting post 9/11 detainees out of U.S.-EU territory to be tortured by third parties. The novel is included as a paperback and the Council of Europe report comes stored on an USB key. The actual copies of these texts are included as part of the multiple and serve both as "in-flight reading material" but also as a furtive mnemonic of the dark side of jet-fueled globality. (text by Tonik Wojtyra, AM)

Design by Thought Bubble Studios