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Cuneo (wedge), 2004

video, quarry dust on glass 48" x 36" (destroyed), hand-painted wall text

Cuneo (wedge) is a series of works that present research material about two small neighboring villages in the Italian province of Cuneo (translated as a wedge or a shim). The villages, Barge and Bagnolo, are notable as quarry and stone processing centers, but also for their populations of Chinese stoneworkers, who make up approximately 20% of the area's inhabitants. The Chinese workers are hired primarily to work in stone processing factories, producing a hand-made flagstone called opus incertum (uncertain thing) that cannot be produced mechanically. The workers use small hand-tools to manually break large quarry stones in shingles that follow the natural fault-lines of the rock. The flagstones are used across northern Italy as roofing material but also in neighboring European countries as paving stone in various urban reconstruction projects. Barge and Bagnolo are typical northern Italian communities and little physical trace of the Chinese community exist, save for a few stall owners in the village marketplaces.

Exhibition history
Unidee In Progress, Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, IT, 2004

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