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Clocks that do not tell the time, 2008

24 wall clocks (13.5" diameter each), 24 metal plaques (2.75" H x 9" W each), assorted printed matter

"In any case I believe that the anxiety of our era has to do fundamentally with space, no doubt a great deal more than with time. Time probably appears to us only as one of the various distributive operations that are possible for the elements that are spread out in space." Michel Foucault

An installation of clocks with nameplates that indicate the local time in the peripheral, shadowy, and heterotopic sites of the global economy: mines, dumpsites, industrial processing compounds, special economic zones, ports, research corridors, factory towns, super-malls, tax havens, resorts, enclaves for the mega-rich, corporate headquarters, military installations, IDP camps, and prisons.

Exhibition history
Art Multiples, Ke Center for the Contemporary Arts, Shanghai, CN, curator: Biljana Ciric, 2008
Stories from Places and Times Distantly Close, The Western Front, Vancouver, CA, curated by Liz Park, 2009
Multi-lateral, Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Toronto, CA, curated by Barbara Fischer, 2009
The Touring Show, Botkyrka Konsthall, Stockholm, SE, curated by Johan Lundh, 2010
Associated, 2P Contemporary, Hong Kong, CN, 2011-2012

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