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Displacement (With Chinese Characteristics)

Cho Seon Ryeong | A Monumental Trip. Exhibition catalogue. Seoul: Coreana Museum of Art, 2010, 33-36.

Born in Hong Kong and living in Canada, Will Kwan's projects are filled with conceptual humor. This artwork, composed with a single-channel video and a photograph, came from his participation in the residency program of Duolun Museum of Modern Art (Shanghai) for three months in 2006. There, he witnessed the city landscape of Shanghai, which has rapidly changed through the adoption of capitalism in China. He made art about this new Shanghai landscape by creating a parody of Western "land art" popular in the 1960-1970s. He created a new work of land art with broken pebbles in an empty space, constructing a new building in the center of Shanghai. However, his land art delivers no message of "returning to nature." Rather, with the shape of Chinese bank logo imitating old Chinese money, it signifies that capitalism newly occupies nature and space.

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